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MissOuri KanSas ARkansas and OKlahoma

2018 11th Annual


Each member must make their own reservations!

--10 New FULL Hookups right next to the bandstand

  $25 per night                                   --Rooms and Bunkhouses Available

--19 Electrical Hookups

  $20 per night                                        --Rooms and Bunkhouses Available

        Tent Sites

         $15 per night                                       – Meals also available on site

Visit :

Or Call 800.722.2411

Diamondhead Resort

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

June 8th and 9th


  Get the Flyer

And Give to your Floating Friends

Polly want a flyer click here   



Saturday 8pm to 12pm


A Couple Stipulations…

 Spaces available on “First Come, First Served” basis.  No blocking off areas.

 If you stay in the full hookups or in the hotel, you must float with them.

6 Mile Float Starts at 10:00am

Can you handle 6 Miles of Phun?

moksarokflyer 2014.pdf

Friday Night 5 pm to 8 pm

"T.B.D." at the "Gravel Bar"

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